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Ruth Smith, Director
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What are Usborne Books &

what makes them SO SPECIAL?

bullet In 1973, Peter Usborne realized that nonfiction books needed to change in order to compete with TV and comics for children's attention. Wanting to produce books that were neither boring nor intimidating, he borrowed some ideas from these two media and hired educational consultants to oversee the writing to make sure that the books would be educationally sound while arousing the child's interest.  These books are both ENTERTAINING AND EDUCATIONAL!
bullet Usborne Books are well organized and designed graphically to draw the readers in, to help them absorb the material and retain that knowledge.
Usborne Books are fascinating, lavishly illustrated books written with humor, surprise and drama, appealing to a broader age range than other books. They incorporate activities and puzzles to challenge a child's observation and intelligence.
bullet Their superb printing quality and exceptionally well-produced graphics, high ratio of pictures to text, inviting format and unique detail set Usborne Books apart from anything yet produced.  Usborne Books include a wide range of subjects covering history, science, nature, math, foreign language, arts & crafts, parent's guides and much more.
bullet Usborne INTERNET LINKED BOOKS are leading the publishing industry as limitless resources.
bullet There are over 1500 titles available, with approximately 80 new titles being introduced each January and July. The books are printed on acid free paper, so they can be handed down for generations. Usborne Books truly appeal to all ages, infants to adults, with prices to suit everyone, from $3.95 to $39.95, most titles being under $10.00.
bullet Most of the books are available in both paperback and the highest quality library binding. Many are made into Kid Kits which include things to use for the activities together with the book in a resealable package for gifts, traveling, grandparents' house, or just a rainy day.
bullet The marketing programs with Usborne Books at Home are varied, including home shows, catalog shows, direct sales, community events, conferences & meetings, bookfairs, internet sales, & more. Consultants may work with Schools & Libraries after receiving Educational Consultant certification.
bullet Awards include Teachers' Choice Awards, Dr. Toy's 100 Best Children's Products Awards, Parents Choice Awards, American Booksellers Award, Times Educational Supplement's Senior Information Book Award & a Children's Book Council Award for Children's Trade Books in the Field of Social Studies.

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 Usborne Books I want to help make
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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Usborne Books

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