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President's Club - Usborne Books & More

Ruth Smith, Director
President's Club & Ambassador
Supervisor of the Year '08-'09
President's Award Winner '05
19 years w/ Usborne Books & More



~ My Story ~

Ruth Smith, current Director & current Ambassador
Leader of a $Million Team
Supervisor of the Year 2008-2009
President's Award winner 2005

Ruth with Randall White, President & CEO of Educational Development Corporation
President's Award 2005

Our group 2008 Usborne Convention photos & awards!

When I signed up with Usborne Books at Home in July 1995, I had no business goals or plans.  In fact, I was definitely NOT going to do this business! I just wanted to get great books discounted for my family & for gifts. 

A few local booths led to home shows and I reached Gold in the One Step at a Time awards program. I wanted to reach the levels to get the pot 'o gold charms, but I was still NOT going to do this business!  During my incentive period I also had our 3rd of 4 children. 

I went to an Usborne Books Seminar in Tulsa in February 1996, with Nancy Ann Wartman, my incredible sister, friend & Usborne Director, just to get to spend the fun time with her.  I told her on the way there that I was going to ACT like I was doing this business so I wouldn't embarrass her, but to remember that I was still NOT doing it.


     At the Seminar I noticed several important things:
          ~ the other people there were "like me", normal people who value children & education, and that I could relate to,
          ~ the benefits were different for different people income, recognition, camaraderie, promoting literacy, etc.
          ~ the management of the company is solid and caring -- a great combination,
          ~ I saw the "big picture" and the limitless potential,
          ~ and I wanted to be a Supervisor.

So, I decided, scheduled events, started recruiting, filled out my chart and promoted to Supervisor in 3 months.  If you like being an Usborne Books Consultant, you'll LOVE being an Usborne Books Team Leader!  And if you love being an Usborne Books Team Leader, you'll really love being an Usborne Books Director!


During this time, I've earned 19 UBAM incentive trips to: Acapulco, Disneyworld, Mayan Riviera, Hawaii, Alaskan Cruise for 3, Costa Rica for 2, the Bahamas, Mexican Pacific Cruise for 2, Nevada Spa Resort, Mayan Riviera for 2 again, Hawaii for 2 again, Convention MegaStar, PARIS, FRANCE for 2, the Rui Palace in the Dominican Republic, another Alaskan Adventure Cruise for 2 w/ cabin upgrade, ROME, ITALY for 2, and the Rui Palace in Cabo San Lucas, Hawaiian Cruise for 2 w/ upgraded cabin, and England & Scotland!   

These trips have given us some amazing incredible family memories & fun times with other Usborne friends. 

I hope you will plan to earn the next trip with us!

2008 Alaskan Cruise photos
2005 Mayan Riviera photos
2003 Mexican Cruise photos
2002 Costa Rica trip photos
2001 Alaska Cruise photos

Success with Usborne Books at Home is achievable, even for those like me that start out NOT doing this business.  UBAH has the program in place just waiting for us to decide to run with it.

My biggest business tip is to share BOTH the books AND the business! 
By sharing the business, you may be helping someone with something they want or need.  Care enough about others to offer the possibility and reassure them that it's a good thing. 

Now, I realize I found a DREAM JOB 
with Usborne Books and More!

It is great to:

~ see a child's smile when they "find the duck",

~ feel proud of the incredible books we have to offer, making reading and learning more achievable and fun,

~ work around my family's schedule,

~ watch librarians appreciate the quality of our librarybound books,

~ find new friends who value children and education,

~ help Consultants & Supervisors reach their goals, whether it is to pay for dance lessons, buy a van, stay at home with their children, get out of debt, pay college expenses, etc.,

~ and to be rewarded for helping others do well.

What's not to like?!

One of my favorite parts about this business is helping others reach their goals.  And, now, we have one of the fastest growing and happiest groups in the country.

Usborne Books Supervisors, Tulsa, OK January 2006

This picture shows some of Nancy Ann's and Ruth's Supervisors with UBAM President & CEO, Randall White, at the Leadership Retreat 2006, in Tulsa, OK, home of Usborne Books in the U.S.

Our group 2008 Usborne Convention photos & awards!

TEAM Update & PROFILE 2013 -

Ruth's team includes over 2500 active Consultants nationwide, with over 70 wonderful Team Leaders! and more planning to promote soon!
Our wonderful team earns many of the top national awards each year, and many in our group are TRIP EARNERS.
Our Executive group
(1st 3 levels) sells over a MILLION DOLLARS of awesome Usborne & Kane/Miller Books annually!  That's making a difference in children's lives!
What a successful, happy & ever-growing team doing this fun, flexible and rewarding business!



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