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Ruth Smith, Director
President's Club & Ambassador
Supervisor of the Year '08-'09
President's Award Winner '05
19 years w/ Usborne Books & More



Usborne Books used for Speech/Language Therapy

Printable 5 page document

selected by Suzanne Hawkins, MA, CCC-SLP, and
Susan Wandishin, Early Childhood Specialist

Everyone loves Usborne Books!

Pre-language & Early Language with sturdy pages:

  1. Find The ... Board Books
  2. Farmyard Tales Board Books
  3. Look and Lift Board Books
  4. Touchy-Feely Board Books
  5. First Words Board Books
  6. Look and Say Books
Preschool books with relational stories and detailed pictures:
  1. First Experiences series
  2. A Squirrel's Tale
  3. There's a Mouse About the House
  4. Lift-the-Flap Books series
  5. Castle Tales & Bible Tales series - dual level readers
  6. Farmyard Tales series - dual level readers
  7. Phonics-based Early Readers
Fabulous "talk about" pictures:
  1. First Thousand Words
  2. First 100 Words
  3. What's Happening series - At the Zoo, At the Seaside, On the Farm
  4. Alphabet Book
  5. Everyday Words
  6. First Words
  7. Look and Say series
  8. Lift and Look series
Activity Books (with sequenced illustrated instructions):
  1. Playtime series (esp. for preschool and early elementary)
  2. What Shall I Do Today? series (ages 5-12)
  3. How to Make series (ages 8-12)
  4. cooking books
  5. Learning Palette
Problem-Solving (Verbal, Visual, and Auditory): Especially for closure, attention to detail, predicting outcome, comprehension
  1. Puzzle series (Young Puzzle Adventures, Young Puzzle Books)
  2. Great Search series
Additional therapy materials:
  1. Usborne Games 
  2. Usborne Flash Cards and Card Games
  3. First 1000 Word CD-ROM


Usborne Books and the Autistic Child 
Understanding autism & how Usborne Books can help
by Ruth Smith

Usborne Books are designed to help make reading and learning more fun and successful for children at each stage of development.   

By understanding the most commonly shared learning difficulties for children with autism and providing books to support their learning, you can help enrich their educational experience.

Here are some ways that Usborne Books help support successful learning in children with autism.

Usborne Books develop independent learning with limited instruction needed.
Children with autism often have difficulty learning independently. They need book choices that can be enjoyed needing limited or no adult instruction. Step by step illustrations in Usborne project and activity books also help when memory recall is an issue.
Usborne Books promote sustained engagement.
Building the length of time that any child can focus on an activity is important and being engaged in an interesting and visually stimulating book facilitates this development.
Usborne Books build skills for cooperative living.
All children have to be taught to cooperate with peers. For children with autism, the temptation to reside in a world of their own is very common. Books can help engage awareness of life around them and caring about others.
Usborne Books create opportunities for children to talk about what they are reading or seeing.
Verbalizing life experiences is a vital step in the learning process for academic and social progress. Usborne Books offer opportunities for the important use of open-ended questions to foster conversation.
Usborne Books include a completion criteria.
The repetitive behavior often seen in children with autism may deprive them of understanding when a task is completed, thus missing an essential sense of accomplishment. Completion of a book or a project can be quite satisfying.

Usborne Books encourage thinking outside the box.
Some children find make-believe and finding solutions comes naturally; others need this to be nurtured.  Children with autism tend to be among those needing a little help developing problem solving and thinking skills.

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