March 24, 2003 Recruiting Training Chat Log

<*Ruth Smith> Topic is Business Building through Recruiting
<*Ruth Smith> OK - to start I'd like you to list some things you like about this business.
<Linda Tilton, WA> I love the books, the upline support
<Helen Flavall, WA> I'm my own boss
<Helen Flavall, WA> People like what I have to offer
<Linda Tilton, WA> There are many avenues to find success in this business
<Amy Recinos, PA> Free books, commission
<Helen Flavall, WA> Family friendly company philosophy
<Amy Recinos, PA> support
<Linda Tilton, WA> If I can make some decent money at this, I don't have to find a "real job."
<Amy Recinos, PA> Meeting great new people all the time
<Missy Coyle, PA> I like the books best of all. It's also rewarding to be an "entrepreneurial-type".

So, you have a job where you get to
  • be your own boss,
  • share a product that people like,
  • have many avenues for success,
  • have continued support,
  • get free books,
  • be with a family friendly company,
  • meet new people who value kids & education, and
  • make decent money, too!


<*Ruth Smith> THAT sounds like a fine business, doesn't it?!
<Linda Tilton, WA> Yes, it does!
<Amy Recinos, PA> Yes it is
<*Ruth Smith> Does that sound like something other people would like, too???
<Amy Recinos, PA> yes!
<*Ruth Smith> Sure! Other people would like that, too!
<*Ruth Smith> We know how great this business is - for all those reasons listed above & More!
<*Ruth Smith> wouldn't you want to share that with others?
<Linda Tilton, WA> Ruth, there are people who think direct sales is a marvelous way to make some money (among other things) but most of those are in some company already.
<*Ruth Smith> some are, others don't even realize what a marvelous thing it is.
<*Ruth Smith> Part of what we can do is let them know!
<*Ruth Smith> SHARE this marvelous thing!

<Linda Tilton, WA> What is the best way to "sell" the April Recruiting Kit?

<*Ruth Smith> One great way to promote the April kit, or ANY kit, is as an inexpensive way to start their own business!

  • Some start for the “lifetime discount for their family & friends”,
  • some want to have a little extra cash each month, and
  • others want career level income.

Listen to see what they’d like & help them see how Usborne can fit their wants & needs.

 <*Ruth Smith>Maybe they already have lots of Usborne Books. If not, they can have their own show to build their own kit - customizing it with the books they think they'd like! Or, you could suggest they get the inexpensive kit & turn in an order right away, spending what they might have on a bigger kit. This way they get to select their own books and they get SALES CREDIT right away!
<*Ruth Smith> Nice for them to get sales credit right away and you get Recruiting Bonus!
<*Ruth Smith> and that has their initial book order (what they might have spent for a larger kit) counting toward reaching BRONZE and the other One Step at a Time awards and Sales Bonus for them.

<Linda Tilton, WA> for the regular kit there is an $85.00 net sale required or they have to pay the value of the kit. Is there any minimum net sales for the April kit?
<*Ruth Smith> As with all kits, there is an $85 net sales requirement within their first 12 weeks as in the Consultant Agreement.
<Joanne Uzarski> $85 is not much! We are very unusual I think in the industry to have such a low minimum to get the kit and awesome opportunity to try this!
<*Ruth Smith> and when you let them know about that, I suggest going on to tell about the Bronze and Platinum and Supervisor levels so that THOSE will be their goals rather than just $85!

<Joanne Uzarski> Many who have looked into other opportunities will expect to have to do 6 shows--
<*Ruth Smith> 6 events is a GREAT number to start with!
<*Ruth Smith> That lets them be able to be in a variety of situations & see people like different books, make $$ and get leads for ongoing business.
<Joanne Uzarski> Yes, they like to know that they will keep getting business.

<*Ruth Smith> Nice to start new recruits out with the feeling of "no pressure", yet lots of support, and seeing the benefits of doing shows & events right away to reach the One Step awards & keep their business rolling.

<*Ruth Smith> Now, list benefits you've noticed of recruiting...
<Joanne Uzarski> Having someone to bounce ideas off
<Linda Tilton, WA> You have a group of "friends" to work with.
<Helen Flavall, WA> People to share the business with
<Linda Tilton, WA> You can make more money.
<Linda Tilton, WA> Recruits can help you stay motivated.
<Helen Flavall, WA> Wow - we all went for the same thing first!
<Helen Flavall, WA> People to help with events other than home shows
<Helen Flavall, WA> Get books to more families
<Missy Coyle, PA> recruits help to grow your business
<Linda Tilton, WA> It makes it more fun!
<Helen Flavall, WA> Empower other women in their own business
<Joanne Uzarski> Help you to promote and win trips!
<Joanne Uzarski> Get pearl stars!
<Missy Coyle, PA> what are pearl stars?
<Joanne Uzarski> :-)-when your new recruits bronzes you get a pearl star charm!

So, by recruiting you get to
  • have new friends to bounce ideas off & share the business with,
  • make more money,
  • help others,
  • have help with bigger events,
  • get these great books to more families,
  • grow your business,
  • have MORE FUN,
  • empower others in their own business,
  • get pearl star charms,
  • promote to Supervisor, &
  • earn trips!


<*Ruth Smith> That sounds like a wonderful thing to do, doesn't it???
<Linda Tilton, WA> Sounds Great
<Joanne Uzarski> YES!!!
<*Ruth Smith> It helps others & helps us, too!
<Missy Coyle, PA> Does having a recruit take business away from you (if in same circle of friends)?
<Linda Tilton, WA> I don't feel that way. In fact, I think there's plenty of business to go around.
<*Ruth Smith> Missy, you very quickly get out of your circle of family & friends.
<*Ruth Smith> Your business is not build on one circle of friends. There are LOTS of families that want these books and LOTS of families that want (or need) this business.
<Amy Recinos, PA> Right, most of my customers are not previous friends but people I meet.
<Amy Recinos, PA> You can help your friends earn income and books. It works out positive for both of you.
<*Ruth Smith> Shows lead to more shows. As you do this more, you'll see the more events you do - that you don't "use up" your events & friends - they just lead to more & more! So don't "save" bookings; do them soon so you can get more bookings from them.
<*Ruth Smith> At one show, you may get 3 bookings, which may lead to 3 more EACH, which may lead to 3 more EACH
<Linda Tilton, WA> Wow! It makes recruiting necessary!
<*Ruth Smith> YES!!!
<*Ruth Smith> Are you comfortable with that now, Missy?
<Missy Coyle, PA> Yes, comfortable. Thanks for the reassuring words.

<Amy Recinos, PA> Ruth - question on the recruiting bonus. We earn 4% bonus on total net sales of our recruits. Is that every Sale / every Month?
<*Ruth Smith> You earn recruiting bonus of 4% of all your personal recruits' net sales every month that you turn in $350+ net personal sales.
<*Ruth Smith> This can add up nicely!

When you do sales yourself only, your income is limited to the amount of time & energy you can be out selling. But when you are earning Recruiting Bonus & have others in your "group" selling, your income is NOT LIMITED!!!

<*Ruth Smith> You can have ANY number of recruits
<*Ruth Smith> It takes 5 personal recruits that have reached BRONZE to promote to Supervisor. THEN your income goes up even more.
<Tina, Rapid City SD> Do you have to be a supervisor to earn these bonuses?
<*Ruth Smith> No, everyone can earn Recruiting Bonus, then when you promote to Supervisor you get an additional override check based on your group's sales. I'll go over the requirements to promote to Supervisor briefly at the end of this chat.

<Linda Tilton, WA> I'm looking for "Magic Words" to recruit :-)
<Joanne Uzarski> I know the magic words for recruiting...:-)
<Joanne Uzarski> I think they are any words that you feel comfortable saying to let someone know you would love to help them get started
<*Nancy Ann Wartman> Good point, Joanne!
<*Nancy Ann Wartman> Words that you say with a smile on your face, a genuine one!
<*Ruth Smith> That's a great preface! Listen to all the words people say here & see what ones you feel comfortable with & then Use Them. :-) It helps to KNOW what you have to offer, so you could even have the kit flyer & info in front of you as you talk.
<*Nancy Ann Wartman> Seems that the initial words are the hardest for people to get out. After that it seems to flow better. This is a great question because whether they answer yes or no, you can still keep talking about UBAH. Have you ever thought of doing something like this?
<*Nancy Ann Wartman> "You know, you could do this, too!"
<*Ruth Smith> I love that one, Nancy Ann! It is so personal and sharing
<*Nancy Ann Wartman> and flattering!
<*Ruth Smith> it is also flattering to them
<*Nancy Ann Wartman> lol - we are sisters!
<*Nancy Ann Wartman> It's flattering that you're thinking that THEY would be good at this! Tell them something like (with a genuine comment) - "You have such great friends, Sue, and they're so interested in the books!! You could do this too!"
<Joanne Uzarski> Would you like me to turn this in as your first show? --to the hostess
<*Nancy Ann Wartman> show her how much in free books she could get if it were her first show - if the retail sales are over $250 then she'd get double free!!
<Joanne Uzarski> And all of the bookings would get double!

Some MAGIC WORDS given here were:
  • "You know, you could do this too!",
  • "Would you like me to turn this show in as YOUR first show?" (to a hostess),
  • "Your friends seem so interested in these books, maybe YOU'd like to do this?",
  • "I'd love to help you get started doing this!",
  • "Have you ever thought of doing something like this?", and
  • "Hey, if this were YOUR show, you could get DOUBLE free books! And all your friends that book can get DOUBLE free books, too!"

<*Ruth Smith> Have you all heard the Cookie story? ...
<Missy Coyle, PA> Not me

A lady made some yummy cookies. She called & told her neighbor about them! "OH, these are the BEST cookies, chocolate chips, oatmeal, just right in every way & there are lots of them." Then, the next day she saw her neighbor in the yard & said "Why didn't you come have some of my yummy cookies?" and the neighbor said, "Well, you didn't ask me to. I thought you were just telling me about them."

<Linda Tilton, WA> Great Story!
<Joanne Uzarski> Ask, Knock...
<*Ruth Smith> Yes, don't just tell people about the wonderful books &/or the wonderful business; INVITE them to get the books, & INVITE them to do this business with you.
<*Ruth Smith> Sometimes they are afraid of stepping on your toes. Sometimes they are afraid they'd be taking your business. It is important to let them know you'd like them to do this. Take them from Not Knowing to Knowing about this.
<Amy Recinos, PA> They have nothing to loose...A great Kit to share with family & friends!
<Joanne Uzarski> If they say no they are not rejecting you.
<*Ruth Smith> They may do it later &/or may mention it to someone else who wants to sign up.
<*Ruth Smith> At the end of the day, always focus on your successes. Tell others about your successes.

<*Nancy Ann Wartman> Want to earn the UBAH trip to the Southern Nevada Resort??? Set your goal to recruit 2-3 people each month - that doesn't just mean mentioning the business to 2 people a month - maybe 1 in 10 will sign up, so start telling people. They'll be so glad you did!! You'll be so glad you did!
<*Nancy Ann Wartman> when you first think of recruiting, you generally think of the people you know - my first 2 recruits were the sister of a friend and a brother of another friend, but there's everyone else, too! It's fun to do this with others!
<*Ruth Smith> It is not always the people you expect to sign up that do - so think of more. You never know who will want or need this fun business.

<*Nancy Ann Wartman> You could strike up conversations with people almost anywhere! There are lots of families at the park! especially in the spring - you're all there pushing swings, watching your children run and play
<*Ruth Smith> or at McDonald's playland or where ever you are
<*Nancy Ann Wartman> you start talking with each other - a natural question to ask as you're getting to know them would be, "do you work outside the home?" - they'll tell you and then they'll ask you the same question. BINGO!
<*Nancy Ann Wartman> You now have the opportunity to tell them about UBAH in 30 seconds or less. :-)

<*Nancy Ann Wartman> Your 30 second commercial could be something like.....(anyone can share theirs)...
<*Nancy Ann Wartman> "I'm at home with my 4 kids. We help get exciting Usborne Books into the hands of kids" and that's enough to peak her curiosity for them to ask you to tell more.
<Kathy Strick> "I can't imagine any other business that allows me to have quality time with my family, earn a great income, and meet others like you who put family first!"
<Tracee in AL> Great, Kathy!
<Jodi> "I get to do this awesome home business with Usborne Books. It is flexible enough I can do it around my other job. There are openings, too, in case you know anyone that might be interested."
<*Ruth Smith> Nice!
<*Ruth Smith> If you're at your child's ball game or dance recital, or somewhere that is not perfect for conversation, you could just say, "I know we're not here to talk about my business, but there's a great special right now & if you're interested maybe we could meet tomorrow?"

<*Ruth Smith> It is even EASIER when you have books there - like at a home show or bookfair or booth event! so, think of all the places you can let people see the books!
<Kathy Strick> Joanne and I and others in our group are doing a home show booth at a local mall next month!
<*Ruth Smith> Then you can say:

 "One thing we're doing here today is helping people get started with their own Usborne Books home business. Have you ever thought of doing something like this?" If they're hesitant, you could say, "If you know people who have children or work with children, you could host your own show & see what its like!"

<*Nancy Ann Wartman> I think recruiting has 3 basic steps:
  • Arouse their curiosity
  • Ask them questions, listen to their answers, provide information
  • Close the sale

 Just do it - just start talking about the business and the results will start showing up. UBAH is such a great thing for kids, families, schools, libraries...everyone - it's a wonderful thing to share.

<Kathy Strick> anticipating their objections is important
<*Ruth Smith> Sometimes objections are simply requests for more information.
<*Ruth Smith> If they say "Gee, I'm too busy to do that." may really be "Do you think I'm too busy to do that?"
<*Nancy Ann Wartman> you could simply restate their statement in the form of a question right back to them "You think you're too busy to do this?"
<*Nancy Ann Wartman> often they'll say "well, no, not really"
<*Ruth Smith> If they say "I couldn't be successful doing something like that." may really be "Do you think I could be successful doing something like that?"
<*Ruth Smith> Sometimes what they are looking for is REASSURANCE.
<*Ruth Smith> SOO, let's say you've got someone that seems interested .... THEN WHAT???

<*Ruth Smith> How do you CLOSE the SALE?
<Kathy Strick> “Will you join me in this great opportunity now? - I'll help you anyway I can.”
<*Ruth Smith> Great, Kathy!
<*Nancy Ann Wartman> The next step is to order your kit! "The next step is..." is a great close
<*Ruth Smith> It is nice to start giving them ownership - "This is what comes in *your* kit." or "Your kit will come by UPS in about a week." or "As soon as we get your ID#, you can get into the company's awesome consultant information site." or "The kits can't be shipped to PO Boxes; do you have a street address your kit can be delivered to?"
<*Ruth Smith> Sometimes you need to help move them from the interested stage to the *do it* stage, without being pushy, by being helpful.
<*Ruth Smith> "Here's the form to get your kit ordered"
<*Ruth Smith> You can even offer to turn the kit order form in for them.

<Rachel Jessop, UT> Once they sign up -- how do you get them going strong?
<Tina, Rapid City SD> That was my problem...... no confidence. So I didn't run with the ball and take advantage of my incentive period.
<*Ruth Smith> Joanne Uzarski just suggested helping them get 6 shows booked right away
<*Nancy Ann Wartman> help them think of people that might want to do this with them - a buddy to sign up right after them - their own first recruit
<*Ruth Smith> They may like to have their own first show so they can let people see what they've found. You could help them with this if you're local. If not, just help them feel comfortable with it - have them read that section of the handbook and listen to the training CD that comes in their kit. There are lots of great resources available to them.
<*Ruth Smith> What they need to do right away is let others see the books so they get the reassurance from others as they see the sparkle in their eyes when they see the books.
<*Nancy Ann Wartman> Encourage them to invite all their friends, neighbors, etc.. to their first show and when they invite each one to mention to each that THEY could have a show and earn LOADS of free books!
<Tracee in AL> My long distance sponsor and supervisor did an excellent job of keeping me motivated with frequent emails and quick answers! She let me know that she was always only a phone call away if I had a question or concern.
<*Ruth Smith> Stay upbeat, even if they don't all run with it; some won't - and some will!

Keep in touch with them, remind them to listen to the training CD again, let them know you & your supervisor are excited about helping them with this fun, rewarding & profitable business no matter how high their goals!

<*Ruth Smith> Quickly, before we end tonight ... Here are the requirements to promote to Supervisor ...

  • 1) 5 personal Bronze+ recruits,
  • 2) 5 active recruits (these may be the same as #1),
  • 3) $700 personal net sales the 2 months preceding your promotion
  • 4) $2000 net sales from you & your recruits & their recruits & their recruits, etc. the same 2 months
  • 5) fill out the Supervisor Application

As you get comfortable sharing this business with others (Recruiting) you'll want to work toward promoting.

<*Ruth Smith> This is a wonderful thing to do and an even more wonderful thing to share with others.  If you like being a Consultant and like helping others, you'll love being a Supervisor! :-)
<*Ruth Smith> Nice to be with you all here tonight! I'm EXCITED about your awesome businesses! Good luck with it all this week! Enjoy & Share!