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Offer to do a presentation for a group ...

Are there any groups near where you live - like Lions Club, Chamber of Commerce, business women's networking group, Church Women's Club, Teachers In-Service day, homeschool meetings, Mothers of Multiples, ANY Support Groups, etc.

Rather than simply approach them regarding "buying or selling", why not offer a presentation about "selecting good children's books" or "how to inspire reading & learning"?  This is not a sales presentation or bookfair, but a free informational service you can give them.  Most groups are starved for interesting speakers.  Why not offer an important topic of interest:

* How to create a educational atmosphere at home (or in the classroom - for teachers) (Suggest they have many great books available & use them often - show books that are educational and interesting.)
* How to select good children's books (Show ones that build pre-reading & reading skills w/ hidden ducks, questions, puzzles, etc., ones that inspire learning w/ related things to do, ones that help make art & projects achievable w/ step by step illustrations, etc.)
* How to select books that will help with school papers & reports, increasing SUCCESS in education.  Feature SAFE internet research! (Show features of good books - like chunks of information w/ more headings & pictures/illustrations so nonfiction is not boring or overwhelming, our computer guides like Homework on the Computer, plus the many benefits of Internet Linked books.)

You don't have to be a trained speaker or have a special degree to do this.  You just need to have access to some really good books & tell things you like about them.  You can do that!

At the end of your talk, you can pass a basket around for people to put their business cards or info in for a drawing for a free book.  They could write their favorite books you showed on the back, &/or the ages of the children in their life.  Now you have everyone's names, phone numbers, & email addresses and can call or email to offer specials, your free newsletter, make sales, book shows, and get referrals. 

Also, once you have spoken to the group it will be much easier to be approved for a bookfair or fundraiser because they now trust you and respect you as a "book consultant" as well as a "book salesperson".  You could find out if they have a special group, preschool, organization or family they like to help & offer to do a bookfair or fundraiser for their benefit.


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