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How to use OrderPro

OrderPro is free for new consultants with their new consultant kit - 3 months of OrderPro Online.  Order Pro is not mandatory, since you CAN use the paper order forms, but I think the ease of ordering with OrderPro makes the tiny investment well worth it!  I recommend OPOL if at all possible since it is already set up, is quick & easy, & is updated by the home office anytime needed.

OPOL - is our great point & click ONLINE ordering software that makes ordering a breeze.  No need to download or install anything as it resides on the home office servers for us to access from the internet anywhere - home, friend's home, library, internet cafe, etc.  The cost is just $1.30 per month for basic OPOL and you can choose how many months you want to subscribe. 
Consultant Login
Click on My OrderPro on the upper right.

Orders in OPOL are saved as "Pending" until you submit them, at which point they are available to you as "Completed" orders.

Both of these versions of OrderPro are so similar, instructions below can pretty much be used for either.  More help menus are available within OrderPro itself and on the consultant site.

How to Place a Home Show Order - overview
How to Use OrderPro
- detailed
Combo Home Show & E-Shows!

First is an overview of how to use OrderPro for a Home Show.  Then below is a more detailed "walk through".

Briefly, here are the steps:
1) For Hostess/Org Info, enter information for where you want the order shipped & select Ship to Hostess/Org.
2) On the Order Type screen, select HP if it is being entered as a home show, and check the box "hostess booked w/in 3 weeks" (that will add the special date credit of $5 to the merchandise allowance).
3) On the Select Books screen under Full Retail select books ($85 is minimum retail to be counted as a home show). 
4) Under Merchandise Allowance, select free books.  $15 in books for $85 order, etc.  If you are within your Incentive period, the free book amount will be doubled after $250 in orders have been entered into full retail. 
5) Under Hostess Books, select up to $25 in books (65% off) (hostess incentives).
6) Under Booking Special, select up to $20 in books (75% off) (previous hostess benefit).
7) Under Bonus Gift, select any one item number - could be a librarybound or a set if you want (65% off) (a prize for a hostess' every 3rd show booked off hers).
8) Add any Alternate Supplies, like new catalogs, you want. (Alternate price includes shipping & is cheaper than ordering Supplies separately.)
9) Print (you can Preview there, too) to check everything, then Submit order.

Tip: if you exceed the book amount anywhere, do it on Full Retail or Merchandise Allowance since those are the only two places overage gets commission and sales credit.


Log into OrderPro Online per instructions from the Home Office.  See Consultant Login
Click on Order Pro from the left menu to complete this process.

After installation, double click on OrderPro Icon on your desktop and enter your consultant info (first time only).

You will see in Order Pro Main Folders (the large white part of your screen) a section on "Tools" and a section on "Administration".

Tools has Order Manager (which is where you will find your orders that you create. It also has Contact Manager (which is a database type program that I donít use much - if you want to learn about that - go exploring!), and Expense Manage (which I also donít use at this point). Feel free to learn about those on your own if you like. There are other features with the Deluxe version of OPOL to explore later.

Administration has General Setup, Consultant Setup, and UBAH Direct Setup. These are the screens that you go to when you want to set up your system for direct ordering over the internet or for making changes to your own consultant information. You can also change your consultant information here.

In OPPC, click on "UBAH Direct Setup" under the "Administration" section. If you would like to order direct over the internet, click the first circle. If you donít have internet or donít want to use, click the third circle. You will be able to use OrderPro to write up orders & print them to mail even if you don't have internet connection &/or a credit or debit card to use to transfer the order. You can leave the rest of the screen alone.
Click on "Order Manager" under the "Tools" section.

Click on "New Order" at the top left of your screen (its right under the word "file").

1. Hostess/Organization Information screen.
If you want books shipped directly to hostess or someone besides you, click on "Ship To" arrow and click on "Hostess/Organization."

2. Order Type screen (click on this Tab).

Order Name - fill in name you want; perhaps the name of the Hostess or Organization, for your own reference.
Click on Order Type Arrow and select one (see list to right).
The system assigns a PO# to each order.
Order Date - you can leave this to what the system assigns.
Three Boxes 
* Check first box if you are faxing this order ($3 fee applies).
* Check second box for special date credit. This adds $5 to the Merchandise Allowance amount for those who hold their show within 4 weeks of booking it.
* Check third box if you are a New Consultants (within your 1st 12 weeks) for DOUBLE Merchandise Allowance with $250+ in retail sales.
Monthly Special Codes - After your first 12 weeks, fill in codes found in newsletter under Hostess Special - in order to get the monthly hostess special.

3. Select Books screen (click on this tab).

Retail Books. Enter all retail books - but NOT Special Delivery or Customer Specials.
Click on first letter of book.
Arrow down to find book and click on it.
Click on Add button (bottom right screen) or double click on the title.
If you want more than one, click on Qty + or - or double click on it.
You can search by ISBN # if you are not sure of the book title.

In OPOL this screen defaults to Full Retail.  Use the dropdown menu in the center to change to:

Special Delivery Books  Enter all orders here where customer wants books shipped directly to a different address (ie to their house or to a neice in a different state). (they pay $4 extra per address).
Click on "Type of Selection" arrow and then "Special Delivery".
Enter delivery information (name, address, etc.) & click OK.
Order books as above (see below for any "Customer Specials".
IMPORTANT! When done, click on "Type of Section" to get out of "Special
Delivery" section - you donít want to order remaining books here!

Merchandise Allowance Books  These are the free books the hostess gets.
Click on "Type of Selection" and then "Merchandise Allowance".
Order books as above.
If a "Hostess Only" book, click on "Hostess Only Books" to right. Note - this
is the ONLY place you can order "Hostess Only Books."
OVERAGE in Merchandise Allowance DOES apply toward commission and net sales! 

Hostess Books  These are at your discretion as to whether or not you offer these. You pay 35% (65% off retail price) plus shipping on value and tax on the amount paid.
Click "Type of Selection" and then "Hostess Books."
Order books as above - up to $25.

Bonus Gift  This is only for the Previous Hostess when the 3rd booking is held. You pay 35% (65% off retail price) plus shipping on value and tax on the amount paid.
Click "Type of Selection" and then "Bonus Gift".
Order any ONE title, set, or ISBN number.

Ĺ Price Book  If Hostess bought them.
Click "Type of Selection" and then "1/2 Price Books."
She pays shipping on value and tax on the amount paid.
Order books as above.

Booking Special Books  This goes to the Previous Hostess when each new booking is held - 
$20 worth of books at a 75% discount. She pays 25% plus shipping on value and tax on the amount paid.
Click "Type of Selection" and then "Booking Special."
Order books as above.

Customer Specials Books  These change every 2 months - see flyer in newsletter or under Current Specials online.
Click on "Type of Selection" arrow and then "Customer Specials".
Click on month of specials that apply (to right).
Order books as above.
If it is a Customer Special for a Special Delivery customer, click on Customer
screen to right and click on name of customer.

Promotional Items  You can order things like Hotshot Books as giveaways, etc.
Click "Type of Selection" and then "Promotional Items."
Order as above.

Supplies (Alternate)  This is where you order catalogs, invitations, etc. Use this section when you are placing an order with a book order and save on shipping and handling. Otherwise, you can just place a supply order form and pay the regular shipping/handling.
Order as above.

Book Bucks  If you have a book buck (on the yellow packing slip) for an out of stock book, you can substitute here or you can reorder it if is available. Click here for further details of how to use Book Bucks.

4. Summary. View order summary here.

5. Payment Method. Here enter all customer/hostess charge cards and how you are paying for the order.
For Customer charges, click "Add New" Customer Payment on lower right.
Fill in entire screen - You get an authorization code.  In OPOL this can be done here online.
Click OK.
Repeat for additional charge cards.
Get an authorization number for your own debit card and fill it in (if you're using a debit card). Consultant payment or credit will be entered automatically if you filled it in on the Consultant Setup screen (top menu).

If you ever have more credit card payments than due on the order, you will receive a credit to use on your next order. If you have no orders going in soon, you can call the home office to request a check be sent to you.

6. Print/Transfer. BE CAREFUL - DON'T HIT TRANSFER/SUBMIT ORDER UNTIL YOU ARE READY!!! You can preview/print your order before transferring it to double check the entire order. Always double check your order before you transfer. You cannot get it back once it goes!

You can now either Transfer/Submit your order over the internet, or mail it, or fax it.

7. Exit Program by clicking on "X" at top right of screen or Log Off.

NOTE: Automatic updates of your Order Pro are available from UBAH if you are on-line when you open your Order Pro. You will get all the latest out of stock information and any updates of the actual ordering system. Simply click on the arrow on "Updates" in OPPC at the top of screen and choose which updates you would like. 

Out of Stock items are highlighted in yellow on Order Pro. Out of Print books are highlighted in red. For this to be current, you need to update your OrderPro PC when there is a change in the Out of Stock list (just be on-line and click "Updates"). The yellow highlights will alert you that the book is out of stock and red for out of print when you place your order. You may wish to contact your customer to order something different. It is best to check the Out of Stock List (on the UBAH Website) before you go to your shows. The OS List will give you an estimated date of arrival for the books (if it is known). This is an estimate only, so donít promise this date.

Good luck getting comfortable with this great program. It saves headaches of doing the math & paper forms, helps with accuracy and saves time by going straight to the home office pickline so the orders can be shipped quickly.

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