10 Tips for
Making the Most of Multi-Vendor Events & Booths
~ UBAM ~

I know many of us are doing booths and events with other vendors.  Here are some suggestions. 

1) Help all the vendors remember to invite people personally, including reminder calls.  This will be more effective in getting a crowd than thousands of flyers.
2) Make a sign (marker on paper is fine) that says what payments you take - cash, checks made payable to _____, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and Purchase Orders". (POs IF you are a certified Educational Consultant to help lead to school & library contacts.)
3) HELP the customers find more books their families will enjoy.  See if you can BUILD each sale.  They'll appreciate it.
4) You can either sell from the books you have, or take orders with a Pick-Up date & place scheduled (or they can pay the $5 Special Delivery charge to have it shipped to them), or just use your books as "samples" and be there to BOOK SHOWS & SIGN UP NEW RECRUITS.  Don't let the number of books you have keep you from doing this type of event.
5) If you're selling books there, you may not want to charge the 8% shipping.  Yes, you will need to pay it when ordering the books, but may want to cover the s/h cost for your booth customers as they don't usually like paying shipping at a cash & carry booth.
6) You could also have a SHOW SPECIAL - "Book a home show today & get $25 MORE FREE BOOKS!"  (This $25 will be the Hostess Books ordered with their show, so if you're offering that, you won't want to offer it again later.)
~ OR, if you are still in your incentive period, you could have a sign that says:  "Get DOUBLE FREE BOOKS!  Limited time only.  Ask me!"
7) Have your calendar OUT & expect to book shows!  Note:  Don't be so focused on selling books that you forget to book shows & sign recruits.  :-)
8) Make a sign that says something like "Consultants Needed in this Area" or "Great Home Business!  Ask me!" and have recruiting papers ready.
9) A free book drawing is a good idea.  Sometimes people will mark on a drawing slip things they may not say to you, especially if you're busy.  Note: You don't need to give away a book for every event; once a month or two is fine.  Whatever works well for you is fine.  Sometimes it is a great excuse to call a good lead.
Note:  Try to see what they're answering on the drawing slips so you can answer questions RIGHT THEN rather than having to phone them later.  Better for you & them both.
10) Be friendly with the other vendors.  Often half the sales AND half the recruits come from the people "manning" the other booths!

ENJOY sharing about the books & the company!



books, racks (optional), receipts, pens, calculator, business cards, catalog, hostess packets, recruit packets, calendar for booking shows, any signs, current  &/or next month specials flyers, comfortable shoes, snacks for yourself if it is a long time & a big smile.

I hope these ideas help your booths & shows with other vendors be wonderfully successful.


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