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Mexican Riviera Cruise  2003

Thanks to
Usborne Books at Home, a great group of Usborne Consultants and Supervisors were awarded with an incredible Mexican Riviera cruise, April 26 through May 4, 2003!
Here is our family's photo journal of the trip.

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Leaving Birmingham on our way to Los Angeles.  We took 3 of our 4 children: Rebecca-19, Robert-7, and Roy-4.  Roger stayed home preparing for his high school graduation in a few weeks.

Robert and Roy in the airport Rebecca in the airport Robert Roy

We spent the day before the cruise at Knotts Berry Farm amusement park.

Roy and Rebecca Roy and Rebecca Robert enjoying the rides Roy poses Robert and Roy with Mexican Indian dancers

Randall White, UBAH President & CEO, told us of the record breaking month and the exciting future of the company!

Randall speaks Usborne group

Dinners and Usborne friends there were INCREDIBLE!

          Phil & Ruth Smith Tom & Nancy Ann Wartman Susan and Jeff Wandishin Eva Goldstein and Ruth Smith kids table at dinner Susan and Jeff Wandishin with Carol and Randall White Sally, Bonnie, Kathy and Susan Klebers with Randall White Usborne friends playing games Usborne friends by the pool Usborne ladies Usborne kids Ruth and Nancy Ann - sisters! Ruth and Susan

We enjoyed the big windows & the views!

Camille and Roy - cousins  roy in cabin window nice windows Rebecca reading cousins in window Roy and Camille in window Nancy Ann happy cousins

During dinner one day we saw a pod of 10-20 Orca Killer Whales chasing a Sperm Whale!

 orca whales 

Puerto Vallarta!

Puerto Vallarta Puerto Vallarta Puerto Vallarta Nancy Ann Wartman, Ruth's sister Phil and Roy with sunblock pool Puerto Vallarta Puerto Vallarta beach Puerto Vallarta beach Robert enjoying the Pacific Ocean Puerto Vallarta beach artist at work - We bought that painting.

Mazatlan aquarium

sea lion at the aquarium sea lion at the aquarium Phil with boys at aquarium Roy getting kissed by a sea lion Roy getting kissed by a sea lion Robert getting kissed by a sea lion Sea lion whispering in Robert's ear tropical birds tropical birds turtles turtle smiling Robert with shark catfish catfish what kind of fish is this?! lovely fish fish sea horse in coral fish striped shell fish turtles and crocodile Rebecca with Roy Robert and Roy

Tropical flowers

 flowers flowers flowers flowers

Cabo San Lucas!

  Carnival Cruise ship, "Elation" Roy Cabo San Lucas Ruth with iguana iguana Roy with iguana Roy with iguana Phil and Roy in Cabo San Lucas Cabo San Lucas Elation ship at Cabo San Lucas Elation ship at Cabo San Lucas Elation ship leaving Cabo San Lucas debarkation at Long Beach

Maybe you'd like to go on the next Usborne trip with us ... to a luxurious Mountain Spa Resort!
... and who knows where NEXT!!!

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