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Top 20 Reasons BOOKS are the Best Gifts

from Ruth Smith, Usborne Books

Usborne Christmas Books & Kits

20. Books don’t need to be assembled. 
19. Books don’t need batteries. 
18. Books never come in the wrong color or size to fit. 
17. Books don’t need to be serviced by a dealer. 
16. Books won't need replacement parts. 
15. Books are easier to gift wrap than footballs. 
14. Books don’t bite, scratch or kick. 
13. Books don’t need watering or fertilizing. 
12. Books don’t irritate your allergies. 
11. Books don’t go out of style. 
10. Books look good with any decor. 
9. Books don’t get aphids or attract ants. 
8. Books aren't noisy & won't annoy family, friends & neighbors. 
7. Books don’t shrink, stretch or fade. 
6. Books don’t need extension cords. 
5. Books won’t scratch the coffee table. 
4. Books don’t cause cavities or get stale. 
3. Books take you places without even leaving home. 
2. Books are gifts which can be opened again & again. 
1. Books, no matter how much you use them, are never empty. 

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