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Printable Flyers & Consultant Training
5 Tips for Success by Ruth
Nancy Ann's Group Training
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UBAH Company site Consultant Log in: www.ubah.com


Printable Flyers & Consultant Training

These files are available to open here in a PDF format, which requires Acrobat Reader to view the file.  If you don't have this, you can download the free reader by clicking here.

A Key to a Better Life is READING!   
What's So Special About Usborne Books?! 


 New Consultants Info
    Business Overview
    Info Sheets about Becoming an Usborne Books Consultant
    One Step at a Time Chart  NEW!
    New Consultant Hostess Chart
    Spanish Kit flyer  Use Kit #896011 on Consultant Agreement.  Note: handbook and training materials are in English.
    Consultant Agreement & Kit Order Form to print
    Book Bucks
    How to Use OrderPro
    What to Include in packets - hostess, recruiting, show folders & what to take to a show
 Home Shows
    Postcard Invitation 
               also available as a Publisher file
    Home Show Note Card
    Reminder Calls - The Most Important Part!  
    Your 1st Shows - What to Take
    Sample Home Show Script by Elizabeth Ray
    Home Show Wish List

    How to Avoid Cancellations 

    Hostess Worksheet
    Tips for HIGHER SALES

 Book Fairs, Fund Raisers & Booths 
    Bookfair useful flyer

    Bookfair/Fundraiser options flyer
    Bookfair Wish List & Order Form

    Drawing Slip

    Corporate Bookfairs
    Dividing an Equally Shared Booth

School & Library

    S&L Order Form to go with catalog - put your contact info on the top & on the back under "Make checks payable to:"

    S&L How I Can Help  
also available as a Publisher file

    10 Tips for Higher Library Sales   

    S&L Drawing Slip

    Cataloging Order Form
    S&L Credit Application
    Code of Ethics Form
    A Sample Library Visit  
    Contact Info Sheet  thanks to Judy Smith  
    Teachers' Lounge Flyer  add date, time, location & contact info
Recruiting and Team Building
    Sharing the Business - Recruiting by Ruth   NEW
    Getting Bookings & Recruits from a Booth
    RECRUITING Chat Log  
    Fast Track to Supervisor 
Here's the Plan for a 3 Month Push to Supervisor!
Fast Track to Supervisor chart
   Ilene Meckley's online newsletter
   Supervisor Levels and Bonus Structure  NEW
More Business Ideas
    Making the Most of Multi-Vendor Events
    Offer to do a Presentation for a Group
    LEADS - Where to find them
    Combo e-Shows 
    Internet Linked Books flyer  thanks to Marge Schmidt
          also available as a Publisher file
    Usborne Books for Special Needs
    Multicultural Titles    last updated fall 04
   10 Tips to Help Your Business Thrive When You MOVE
Fun Stuff
     UBAH logos    NEW!
     Duck to Color
     Christmas Duck to Color
    Template for Replacement Mouse & Squirrel


5 TIPS for Success  by Ruth Smith
1. DO events!  You have so many marketing options with home shows, preschool book fairs, teacher setups, education conferences, play group shows, soccer sign-up set ups, youth group fundraisers, local Festivals, or any place there are people with children in their lives that would love to have great books available.  (Note: to work with schools & libraries, you must be a certified Educational Consultant.)  Do events to let people see what you have to offer.  1-2 home shows or other book events per week is a good balance for most consultants.  This leaves plenty "family time" and provides enough income to make a difference. 
2. NOTICE & talk about the positives in every event!  When you do things well, they DO lead to more business - even if you don't know what it is yet.  It may be even better than you'd dreamed! 
3. SMILE sincerely!  People are more likely to want to buy from you, invite you into their home with their friends to do a show, or even sign up with you if you are pleasant & helpful.  You can be proud of what you are sharing, and you have a good support system in place.
4. KNOW what you have to offer.  Have a few books, catalogs & flyers for the current specials (Customer, Hostess & Recruit) with your contact information (You can print flyers from the newsletters - www.ubah.com/consultants, Downloads, Newsletter, pick the month's Inserts) with you at all times & share the information generously. 
5. BELIEVE you can do this.  Find other supportive book buddies to talk with, and do something "visual" with some of your profits.  The program is in place for your business to GROW!
If you do these 5 things, you will do well! 

You are building a wonderful business that you & your family will appreciate for years!  


More Consultant Training

Nancy Ann's Consultant Training Pages:

These additional pages are available to our group, linking to Nancy Ann Wartman's website.  She is my sister and is also your upline Director and the 2002 UBAH President's Award winner.
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     Your First 12 Weeks
     Where to Sell Books and Get Leads and Recruits
     Successful Open House
     Show me the Money by Susan Wandishin
     Ideas for Business Building
     Making the Most of the Calls...
     Answering Objections
     What to Include in Folders & Packets
     Helpful Business Links
Home Show Training Links
Booking Home Shows
Booking Home Shows at Booths and Bookfairs
Home Shows ~ Hostess Benefits
Hostess Coaching
DUCKS Home Show
Ruth's Simple Home Show 
What Nancy Ann says at a Home Show
Bookfair Training Links
Great Bookfairs without Inventory
Booking Home Shows at Bookfairs and Booths
School & Library Training Links
Teacher Lounge Set-up
How to get an Appointment w/Librarian
Library Visits
Recruiting, Team Building & Promoting to Supervisor Links
Nancy Ann's Views on Recruiting
Why Recruit?
Who Do I Recruit?
3 Month Push to Supervisor
Promoting to Supervisor Requirements & Benefits

Extra Supplies available

Business supplies, book plates, letterhead, mailing labels, note pads, etc. - www.mwprinting.com

Business cards, personalized stamps, name tags, car magnet signs, etc. -  www.townandcountryprinting.com

Rubber stamps, custom business cards, etc. - www.iPrint.com

Book Racks - www.fixturecraft.com
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