Ruth Smith and Nancy Ann Wartman, Executive Supervisors with Usborne Books at Home

Fast Track
to Leader

Notes from Convention

by Nancy Ann Wartman & Ruth Smith,
sisters and Directors
with Usborne Books and More


Why promote?

What are the Benefits for YOU and YOUR family?

Career Level Income!


Identify with a Group Caring about Children & Education!

Travel Contests!

An Example to Your Children & Others!

Prove to Someone you CAN!

Personally Rewarding!

Helps Others!


When to promote?

3 months, even if you have no bronze recruits at this point!

Pick 3 big team-building months and plan to work toward promoting to Leader.

(Or this can be used as a Business Boost for anytime in your career!)

How to promote?


3+ personal active recruits (w/ $350+ net sales within the past 3 months)

3+ personal Bronze recruits (may be same)

$750+ net personal sales for each of the 2 months preceding promotion

$2000+ net group sales for each of the 2 months preceding promotion (whole group sales count)

                Submit Supervisor/Leader Agreement by 15th of the month prior to promotion.

How do I do that?

1. Decide & let others know about your plan.

2. Book events.

3. Recruit, share the business with others.

 4. Help your recruits earn Success Kits.

Tips for Promoting NOW?

DECIDE & make the commitment
to yourself & your family &
let others know.

Find a couple friendly people to do this with you.
It is fun & important to have book buddies.  :-)

Plan your productive work time.
Be self-disciplined.

Be proactive ~ finding resources, using leadership skills
and being a problem solver.

Practice being positive & not complaining.
You get good at what you practice.
Notice what you are practicing.

Act like a Leader.
Helping your group overcome obstacles, supporting the company, maintaining positive attitude

Balance - Plan Time for Yourself and Your Family,
scheduling BOTH work time and play time!

Use a wall or desk calendar so your family can see it.
Include family in decision making.

Choose what days you want to have shows
 & offer extra books then (using $5 Special Date Credit).

Business Tips?

Open separate bank account & debit/credit card
 so you can SEE income.

Make lists for efficient
use of time the next day.

Track your group sales online at  

Find other successful people to talk with.


Month 1 - BOOK & RECRUIT

Book a fun schedule of events.

Many other careers require high expense
 &/or years of training before earning any income.

2-3 events/week = less than part time hours.
Can you invest 2-3 times per week for events for a couple months?

You are also building toward FULL TIME INCOME w/ part time hours!

It is worth the extra push now!

Where to find LEADS?

Schedule your own show.
Make a BIG list w/ phone #s.
Call & offer for them to host a show.
If they don’t, THEN invite them to yours.
Look around & ask for referrals.
Find all kinds of community events in nearby towns.
Think "outside the box".
Family & Friends
People from:
~ any place you've worked or studied,
~ organizations, i.e. church, soccer, groups,
~ any businesses, support, or service groups
 you've ever frequented
Neighbors (current and past)
Ask for Referrals

Parent Groups
Your Kids’ Friends’ Parents
PTA/School Organizations
Retirement Homes
Religious Organizations
Business Associates
Sports Clubs & Classes
Craft Fairs
Teachers & Librarians
Corporation Bookfairs
ADHD Support Groups
Mothers of Preschoolers (MOP)
Mothers of Multiples
ESL Groups & Multicultural Centers
Preschool & Day Care Bookfairs & Events
People with Other Home Businesses
Chamber of Commerce Activities
Child Care Provider Meetings
Education Conferences
Gifted & Talented Student Events
Special Needs Student Sponsors
Homeschool Meetings & Events
Company & Hospital Cafeterias
Soccer or other Ball Events
Dance or Gymnastics Class Setup
Summer Camps
Horse Shows
4H Events
Community Festivals
Foreign Language Meetings
Speech & Hearing Pathologists
Schools for the Deaf
University Education Departments
Child Development Centers
Baby Fairs & Kid Expos
Your Own Yard Sale
Flea Markets
Family Resource Center
Mothers Day Out Programs
Company Picnics
Science Fairs & Art Shows
Employee & Teachers’ Lounges
Teacher & Librarian Meetings
Support Group Meetings
Seasonal Events & Festivals
Benefits for Charity of Choice
Carnivals & County Fairs
Arts & Humanities Festivals
Community Fundraisers
* Remember to become an EC & check listings
before working with schools & libraries.


Don’t be surprised
if people you thought
would be most supportive AREN’T.



Booking Tips

Ask people about themselves & they’ll often ask YOU.

Be sincere about offering them something great.

Ask questions where either "Yes" or "No" is fine.

"Have you heard of Usborne Books?"
"Have you ever considered having an Usborne show yourself?"
"Is there an evening of the week that generally is better than another for you?"
"Did you see what comes in the Kit Special this month?"

Recruiting Tips

Offer the business without prejudging.
You just don’t know who will want or need this business.

Invite rather than announce.
"Would you like to do this with me?" rather than "This is what I'm doing."

Know what you have to offer & be confident it is great!

Show this business as enjoyable, rewarding & profitable.

Listen to see how UBAM can fit their wants & needs.

Reassure them.
genuinely and nod as they talk (even if on phone).

Give ownership.
"Here’s what comes in your kit."
"Your kit will arrive within 2 weeks by UPS."

Expect them to sign up. Have paperwork out & ready.


Month 2 - SELL & RECRUIT

For those hesitant to sign up,
offer to do a home show for them to see what it is like.

Stay upbeat & be a problem solver.

Help your recruits be comfortable with their 1st events
& submitting orders.

Help your recruits set goals
to Bronze by the end of next month.

Sales Tips

Be helpful…like the best sales person you’ve ever had.

You love these books & know the benefits…be proud to share them!

Increase your sales average!
~ More efficient use of your time.
~ Helps hostesses & organizations get more free books.

How to DOUBLE Your Sales at Each Event

Talk about the SERIES rather than the book.

Library Bindings

Sets at a Discount

Customer Specials

Kid Kits (for gifts, trips, rainy days, grandma’s house)

Suggest Birthday Gifts to have on hand.

HELP them find more they’ll like.

Mention you take credit cards & debit cards.

Have a few best sellers to add.
(I Can Draw Animals, Squirrel's Tale, Activity Card Packs)

Tell Features AND Benefits

Usborne Internet Linked Encyclopedias


interesting format


include internet links


make papers, reports & projects easier & more fun

provide a safe way to research on the internet

save trips to the library

make information accessible the moment the interest is there

show your kids you value education

Closing the Sale

Even when folks are very interested, papers at home get on the bottom of piles.

Watch for Sparkle & Interest.

Listen for Questions.

Be Reassuring.

Do it now or set appointment for follow up questions!

People love Specials & need Deadlines!

Then help them close the sale:

"Are there other questions before we go on?"

"Now, you can select which kit you’d like."

"The next step is to fill out the Kit Order Form."



Stay in touch w/ new recruits so they will reach their $750 net by their incentive date
AND by the end of this month.

Encourage them.  Help them w/
~ hostess coaching,
~ increasing sales,
~ getting bookings &
~ reaching Success Kits.

Plan extra events to share & cover cancellations & mistakes.

Watch net sales closely this month &
make sure everything gets in before the month's deadline.

1st of the following month ~


Law of Momentum

In the beginning your business will take you ten units of effort to achieve one unit of results.
As you continue to make calls & build momentum, it will only take you one unit of effort to achieve ten units of results.

It is worth doing this now!

The more you do it, the easier it gets & the better the results.

What NEXT?

Hire a cleaning lady!  :-)

Keep selling, recruiting, and helping your group
 & your checks will increase quickly.
Your consultants want to be part of a successful team!

Help your recruits be good recruiters.

Be available, honest, ethical, trustworthy, generous, kind & helpful.

Protect special family time.

Don’t worry. You’re never here alone.
Your upline, fellow Supervisors & the home office staff are ready to help.

Nurture those in your group who will be your 1st Leaders to promote out!

The potential is HUGE and you can make it happen!

Enjoy continuing to build your wonderful growing business!

is the one quality
most associated with
success and happiness
than any other.

Plan your Work.  Work your Plan.


Make up your mind that you WILL promote!

Book extra events of all kinds.

Share this great business you have found! (Recruit)

Help THEM set & reach their goals.
You do well by helping others do well!

Focus on the Successes!

The rewards from your efforts now
 will multiply as your team keeps expanding.

Smile & enjoy this incredible business
that can grow, grow, & grow!

If you do these things YOU can promote in 3 months!

Usborne Books


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