Usborne Books National Convention

June 10-13, 2004     Tulsa, Oklahoma

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Sisters &  Usborne Books Directors
Ruth Smith & Nancy Ann Wartman

Executive Supervisors had limo transportation!

Supervisor Luncheon with Duck

Suite Talk!



Friday Night - Our Group Meeting

Awards Night

2004 National Awards Our Groups Received:

Consultant of the Year - Mona Wolverton
New Supervisor of the Year, Honorable Mention - Liz Hawkinson
#6 Total Group Sales - Ruth Smith Group
#3 Central Group Sales - Ruth Smith Group
#1 Central Group Recruiting - Ruth Smith Group
#1 Supervisor Recruiting - Ruth Smith
#2 Supervisor Recruiting - Suzanne Opp
#5 Supervisor Recruiting - JoAnna Hydock
#7 Supervisor Recruiting - Liz Hawkinson
#7 Supervisor Recruiting - Susan Wandishin
#4 UBAH Sales - JoAnna Hydock
#22 UBAH Sales - Mona Wolverton
#6 Educational Services Sales - Patti Wall
#10 Educational Services Sales - JoAnna Hydock
#14 Educational Services Sales - Jane Lopez
#16 Educational Services Sales - Suzanne Opp
#19 Educational Services Sales - Veronica Evans
Usborne Legacy Sales Award, over $100,000 - Ruth Smith
#2 Group Promotions - Ruth Smith

Photos with Peter Usborne and Randall White

Peter Usborne Presents a Preview of New Titles in the Works!

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All this, plus great speakers and training sessions made this such an informative and inspiring event!

Plan on joining us at the NEXT National Convention!


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