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Ruth Smith, Director
President's Club & Ambassador
Supervisor of the Year '08-'09
President's Award Winner '05
19 years w/ Usborne Books & More



Usborne Books National Convention

June 19-22, 2003 in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Home of Educational Development Corporation and Usborne Books at Home!

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Sisters &  Executive Supervisors
Nancy Ann Wartman & Ruth Smith

Nancy Ann and Ruth 

Executive Supervisors were picked up at the airport in a limo!

Ruth with daughter, Rebecca, & limo Susan Wandishin & Ruth Smith with limo Susan & Cathy inside limo Susan Wandishin with limo Ruth Smith and Randall White with limo Nancy Ann and Randall White with limo Judy Smith with limo

Supervisor Day!

some of the Usborne Super Achievers Executive Supervisor, Judy Smith, with Randall White Executive Supervisor, Mary Schlieder, with Randall White and Kathy Slemp Executive Supervisor, Mary Schlieder, with Randall White and Kathy Slemp Executive Supervisor, Susan Wandishin, with Randall White

Ruth Smith and Liz Hawkinson Kim Mares and Ruth Smith 

Recognition Luncheon

Donna Lorch and Stevie DeLeonardis Marge Schmidt Janet Luchies with Heather Cannon Suzanne Opp with Heather Cannon Tammi Weber Carla Young Sue Ann Stone with Hannah Wright Lynne Urso Reinette Alvarez Jane Lopez, Heather Cannon, Christine Mitchell, and Alaina Peebles Shelley and Paul Morrissette

Jane and Jurate Dawn Ditty with Judy Smith Chris Angelino Joanne Uzarski Heather Cannon and Suzanne Opp JoAnna Hydock Cathy Eads


Suzanne Opp, Peter Usborne, Liz Hawkinson, and JoAnna Uzarski Mary and Nancy Ann - friends 

Friday Night - Our Group Meeting

Nancy Ann speaks Tom and Nancy Ann Wartman Suzanne Opp Miriam LeBlanc Timberly Miller Emily Smith Pamely Hoile Marge Schmidt, EJ Blohm, Ruth Smith, and Jane Kennedy Nancy Ann with Jane Lopez visiting Friday evening Sue Ellen Hammer Helen Flavall, Judy Smith, and Linda Cope Ruth Smith and Cinda Long Kim Woodside, Shelly Nightingale, Nancy Ann, Traci Elliott and Christina Martin Marge Schmidt and Ruth Smith

Randall White's Family

the Randall & Carol White Family the Randall & Carol White Family Todd, Carl, Mrs. White, and Randall Todd, Carl, Mrs. White, and Randall

Awards Night

Ruth Smith with Randall White Pat Wright, Ruth Smith, Todd White, and Susan Wandishin Suzanne Opp with Randall White JoAnna Hydock with Randall White Mary Schlieder Judy Smith with Randall White Mary Schlieder with Randall White Peter Usborne Judy Smith, Jane Lopez, and Denise Hummel Miriam LeBlanc, Ruth Smith, and Gloria Edgar Nancy Ann & Tom Reniette Alvarez with Randall White Merike Tamm and Nancy Ann Wartman networking and having fun EJ Blohm networking and having fun Paul & Shelley Morrissette with Nancy Ann Stevie DeLeonardis, Ruth Smith, and Janet Luchies Donna Lorch with Nancy Ann Marge Schmidt and Ruth Smith Tom and Becky Dean, our friends Ruth's daughter, Rebecca, with Jane Kennedy oh, so many awards for our group  

National Awards our Groups Received:

#7 Total Group Sales - Ruth & Phil Smith Group
#2 Central Group Sales - Ruth & Phil Smith Group
#12 Central Group Sales - Susan & Jeff Wandishin Group
#1 Central Group Recruiting - Ruth & Phil Smith Group
#5 Central Group Recruiting - Mary & Bruce Schlieder Group
#6 Central Group Recruiting - Cathy Eads Group
#6 Central Group Recruiting - Susan & Jeff Wandishin Group
#3 Supervisor Recruiting - Susan & Jeff Wandishin
#5 Supervisor Recruiting - Ruth & Phil Smith
#6 Supervisor Recruiting - Suzanne Opp
#8 Book Fair Sales - JoAnna Hydock
#9 Educational Sales - Veronica Evans
#1 Group Promotions - Ruth & Phil Smith
#1 Group Promotions - Susan & Jeff Wandishin
Usborne Legacy Sales Award - Judy & Joseph Smith
Usborne Legacy Sales Award - Mary & Bruce Schlieder
Usborne Legacy Recruiting Award - Ruth & Phil Smith
Usborne Legacy Recruiting Award - Mary & Bruce Schlieder
Supervisor Leadership Award - Cathy Eads

Photos with Randall White and Peter Usborne

Cathy Eads' group Jacinda Kirkland, Peter Usborne, and Judy Smith Linda Cope, Cathy Eads, Peter Usborne, Paula Scroggins, Helen Flavall, and Judy Smith Randall White, Thelma Salinas, Peter Usborne, and Ruth Randall White loves babies Linda Cope with Peter Usborne Paula Scroggins with Randall White and Peter Usborne Susan Wandishin's group with Randall White and Peter Usborne Cyndi Willborg with Randall White and Peter Usborne Randall White, Nancy Ann Wartman, Peter Usborne and Merike Tamm Melanie Ritz with Randall White and Peter Usborne Ruth Smith, Peter Usborne, and Nancy Ann Wartman Ruth, Peter and Nancy Ann Randall White, Jane Kennedy, EJ Blohm, Marge Schmidt and Peter Usborne 


A Preview of New Titles in the Works!

Book 11.jpg (58904 bytes) Book 12.jpg (69513 bytes) Book 13.jpg (68247 bytes) Book 14.jpg (40206 bytes) Book 15.jpg (72171 bytes) Book 16.jpg (78985 bytes)

Book 17.jpg (48868 bytes) Book 18.jpg (84245 bytes) Book 19.jpg (68202 bytes) Book 20.jpg (56161 bytes) Book 21.jpg (69611 bytes) Book 22.jpg (51273 bytes) 

Book 23.jpg (61187 bytes) Book 24.jpg (58821 bytes) Book 25.jpg (58544 bytes) Book 26.jpg (73860 bytes) Book_27.jpg (78917 bytes) Book_28.jpg (69503 bytes)


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All this, plus great speakers and training sessions made this such an informative and inspiring event!  
PLAN on attending with us at the next National Convention!


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