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Ruth Smith, Director
President's Club & Ambassador
Supervisor of the Year '08-'09
President's Award Winner '05
19 years w/ Usborne Books & More



Usborne Books National Convention

June 28-30, 2002 in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Home of Educational Development Corporation and Usborne Books at Home!

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Sisters &  Executive Supervisors
Ruth Smith & Nancy Ann Wartman

sistersNA&Ruth2.jpg (95459 bytes) sistersNA&Ruth.jpg (144028 bytes)

These folks made it to the Convention!

    biggroupsm.jpg (196053 bytes) PaulaRoxanneRuthMarge.jpg (143753 bytes) SusanW.jpg (109375 bytes) SusanTodd.jpg (63186 bytes) MichelleMannRuth.jpg (86248 bytes) JanRuthStevie.jpg (121729 bytes) COSupers.jpg (75089 bytes) KyGroup.jpg (153649 bytes) CathysGroup.jpg (114165 bytes) LisaTracy.jpg (119404 bytes) Just a Joke LoriDawn.jpg (84919 bytes) JanRuthStevie2.jpg (117304 bytes) JoAnna.jpg (78585 bytes) SWgirls.jpg (119222 bytes) SWgirls2.jpg (134676 bytes) MeRuthNancyAnn.jpg (50289 bytes) 

Friday Night Group Meeting


SpeakerNA.jpg (116736 bytes) Cathy Eads Roxanne Thompson Wendy Kennedy Judy Smith Susan Wandishin

Janet Luchies Judy Levin Julie Radford Lynne Urso Story Ed Wesley Janice Elam JoAnna Hydock 

Ruth received our group's 2002 Leadership Award

SpeakerRuth.jpg (147892 bytes) 

Executive Supervisors

NAgetsCrown.jpg (81067 bytes) RuthgetsCrown.jpg (83406 bytes) ExecsS1.jpg (188094 bytes) Exec. Supervisor sisters, Nancy Ann & Ruth and Deb & Donna with Peter Usborne

Awards Night

  Susan.jpg (72212 bytes) CGSales.jpg (55899 bytes) Ruth.jpg (57615 bytes) RuthRandall.jpg (79939 bytes)

Nancy Ann & Tom received the UBAH 2002 President's Award

Tom and Nancy Ann Wartman - President's Award Nancy Ann and Tom with Peter Usborne and Randall White NancyAnn3.jpg (118381 bytes) NancyAnnTom1.jpg (86808 bytes)

Suzanne Opp won the raffle to have dinner with Stephen Cartwright!

StephenSuzanneOpp.jpg (65631 bytes) StephenSuzanneOpp2.jpg (54975 bytes)

Peter Usborne

 Peter.jpg (58079 bytes) PeterJane2.jpg (85034 bytes) PeterJane.jpg (100786 bytes) EdPeter.jpg (122625 bytes) 

Stephen Cartwright

Ruth with Stephen Cartwright Stephen with NA.jpg (870360 bytes) Stephen with Janet.jpg (1932448 bytes) Stephen with JoAnna.jpg (1100430 bytes) Stephen with Judy.jpg (1482288 bytes) Stephen with Judy 2.jpg (1369806 bytes) Stephen with Lori.jpg (1357558 bytes) Stephen with Lynne.jpg (909418 bytes) Stephen with Sue Ann.jpg (1195160 bytes) Stephen with Susan W.jpg (1345693 bytes)

Suite Talks

SuiteTalks.jpg (163042 bytes) CrownKim&Nancy.jpg (89622 bytes) SuiteTalksCathy.jpg (61429 bytes) SuiteTalksMarge.jpg (95469 bytes) Roxanne.jpg (72240 bytes) Paula.jpg (71396 bytes) Joanne Uzarski SusanKathyNA.jpg (97884 bytes)

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All this, plus great speakers and training sessions made this such an informative and inspiring event!  
PLAN on attending the next National Convention with us!

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