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What is a Combo e-Show?
This option lets you combine web order amounts with home show orders on OrderPro so the host can get all the hosting benefits based on the combined orders. 
So, for every home show, make it into a combo e-Show to increase the sales & free books they earn.  You will get a special link to give the host to give all their online contacts.  All orders that go through that link will count toward the show total!
What Hostess Benefits does the Hostess Get?  (Note: "Hostess" = anyone who invites others to the show or collects combined orders and receives the merchandise allowance.  This "hostess" can be male, female, organization, club, charity or other group who will benefit from the show sales.  For simplicity here, this will be referred to as the "hostess".)

Regular e-shows give Merchandise Allowance and sometimes a monthly special.  With a Combo e-Show, you can also use the $25 Hostess books, the $20 Booking Credit for the previous hostess, Bonus Gift and the half price books, as well as being able to order supplies & promotional items to be shipped with the order.

NEW CONSULTANTS can get/give their DOUBLE MERCHANDISE ALLOWANCE during their 12 week incentive period for combo e-Shows when the combined web & live orders are $250+!
Can I Be My Own Hostess?
YES!  You can be considered the hostess.  You can also set up Benefits for groups & organizations you would like to donate the free books to. 
Can I Have a Combo e-Show if I Do Not Have a Web Site?
No, you need to have a UBAH website to have web sales.  You can order your own UBAH website for $95 for set up & the 1st year, $50 per year thereafter if you elect to keep it.  To purchase a site, go to www.ubah.com/demo.
How Do I Start up a Combo e-Show?
You or the hostess can start the e-Show, but YOU make it into a combo e-Show from your Web Sales Admin page.
Start an e-Show on your website by clicking "this page" under "Host an e-Show" (or you can do it from the Web Sales Admin page directly).  Use the name you'd like to appear on the site as the "Hostess" so her guests will know it is her show.  Set the closing date & click Update.  You'll get a special link to give the hostess.  She can give that link to all her online contacts.
It doesn't matter if you use your or the hostess' mailing address since the free books will be shipped to the address used in OrderPro.  (For regular e-Shows, use the address you want to have the free books shipped to.)
If you put her email address, she'll get an email notification when someone places an order through her combo e-Show.  You also get an email notice anytime someone places an order through your website. 
When you get the confirmation page with the show number & information, you may want to copy & paste that entire page into an email and send it to yourself and the hostess.  It tells how to check the status of the e-show.  Also, have the sample invitation sent to your email address and that of your hostess.  Encourage her to send it to EVERYONE she can think of online that might be interested in the books.  
Go to the consultant site (www.ubah.com/consultants), click on Web Sales Admin, scroll to the e-Show & click on the show number and then click on "Combine with Home Show and claim Free books with OrderPro".
When the show closes, you will be able to import the amount of web sales into OrderPro so the hostess will get free books based on the combined amount. 
What If I Want to Change the Closing Date?
You can edit the e-Shows yourself when you have a typo or need to change the date. Also, you can switch between regular e-show and combo e-Show.

The editing feature is available on your Web Sales Admin page. Scroll down to the section that lists your active e-Shows and click on the ID number of the e-Show that needs to be edited. That opens the edit screen so just make your changes and click the button to save them.
How Do I Get the Web Order Amount Into OrderPro?
In Order Pro, open your order. Then click "tools" from the top tool bar.  Click on "Combine e-Show Sales" & enter the hostess ID# (something like HOS16762).  You can get this number from your Web Sales Admin page.  Then click Retrieve.  You will need to be connected to the Internet.  With OrderPro Online, you will simply select the show you would like to combine.
The retail amount from the e-Show will be added to the total retail sales.  You will not see the book titles ordered online since they have already been shipped.  The hostess benefits will now be based on the total of the e-Show orders and the live home show orders combined.  You can import that retail as many times as you want until the order is transmitted.  Once the order is transmitted, you can no longer add the retail from an e-Show.
Free books earned from combo e-shows are entered through OrderPro, not through your website.
When Are The Books Shipped?
The web orders are shipped as the orders are received, and the live orders entered directly into OrderPro are shipped together with the show order.  You can still enter Special Deliveries on the show order, too.
The consultant and the hostess will also receive an email copy of the order when it is placed.  An email shipping confirmation will be sent to the web customer on the evening that their order is shipped.  It contains a copy of the invoice and the UPS tracking number.
How Much Is Shipping?
Shipping for each web order is 8% with a $5.00 minimum for UPS delivery.   Shipping to APO, FPO, Alaska, and Hawaii will be 12% with a $5 minimum for First Class USPS, as UPS does not ship there.
What Does the Home Office Do with Customer Info Collected?
That information is only given to the consultant for future contact.  The consultant can follow up with the web customers, as you would with a home show customer, offering specials and notifying them of new titles various times during the year.  Web customer info is available on your Web Sales Admin page. 
Customer info is not sold or used for any other purpose.
How Much Tax is Charged?
Sales tax is charged for wherever the order is being shipped to.
How Can I See If I Have Any Combo e-Show Orders?
3 ways:
1) You get an email with the info when each web order is placed, and you get an order invoice confirmation when it the web order is shipped.
2) www.ubah.com/ecommerce/e-showinfo.asp
then it prompts you for the show id: like HOS
and the password you entered when you set it up.
3) from the consultant site (www.ubah.com/consultants) click on Web Sales Admin to check your e-show sales. 
What Does It Mean "Chat"?
There is an optional chat feature that can be used if you or the hostess wants to schedule an official time for an e-Show chat.  This is a fun place to meet with potential customers, hostesses or recruits as well to build a relationship and answer questions.  You can schedule a time when you set up the show & let your online guests know to meet with you in that special chatroom then!
You can add a chat time through your Web Sales Admin page, by clicking on the e-Show ID#, entering the date & time of your chat & clicking Update.
Are e-Fairs done the same way? 
You can do e-Fairs in combination with live Bookfairs in very much the same way.  I recommend setting up an e-fair along with every bookfair.  E-Fairs are set up on your website admin page where you can also read more information.
How Much is the Commission and When Do I Get It?
Commission on regular web orders is 15% for individual orders $0 - $84.99, and 25% for individual orders of $85+.  HOWEVER, you get 25% commission on ALL web orders placed through e-Shows & combo e-Shows!
Commission on all web orders is paid by check from the home office, send by the 15th of the following month, along with any earned sales bonus and recruiting bonus. 
$400 total e-Show orders in September = $100 check by October 15th. 
Commission for the live orders through OrderPro is subtracted from the Amount Due in OrderPro as usual.
There is more information about e-show & combo e-Show on your Website Admin page.  Click on Web Sales Announcements, then through another link for even more information, plus from the left menu of the consultant site www.ubah.com/consultants & click on Consultants Web Sales Sites for Frequently Asked Questions & Answers.

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