Getting Ready for Your Own 1st Show
Reminder Calls --- The Most Important Part!


The most important thing to do the day before the show is CALL EVERYONE!  Maybe something like:
"Hi Julie.  This is Lee Ann.  Did I catch you at a busy time?"
"I was just making last minute plans for the big Usborne Books show tomorrow at my house -- OH, these books are so awesome - you all are going to love them!  -- anyway, I just wanted to make sure you can be here tomorrow & remind you that it will start at 7 o'clock."  (or whatever time it is)  "You can bring a friend or two if you'd like.  Do you know anyone else that might like to come?  I'm looking forward to seeing you!  We'll have a great time.  See you then."
or if they've got plans they can't get out of,
"Oh, I'm sorry you'll miss it!  I know you'll love the books.  If you know people that might be interested in seeing them, too, you can host a show & get DOUBLE free books!  You see, since I'm new at this, I get to give my first few hostesses double the amount of free books with $250+ shows.  That means with your show of, say, $400 (around national average), you'd get $140 in awesome free books -- if you have a time that would work for you in the next 3 weeks.  How does that sound?"
if they don't want to book a show yet,...
"That's fine.  I understand.  Well, in case you'd like to see what the company has to offer, I'm leaving the show open until Saturday.  Want to see a few books & the catalog if I bring them by tomorrow? --- or would Friday work better?"
You can get outside orders from the ones that can't come.  Often outside orders are half the show sales, so they can make a big difference!
At your show, plan to book 3 more shows for the next 3 or 4 weeks.  They'll love getting the double free books & you'll like getting the One Step at a Time awards, too.