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Why babies need books

Learning about books is an important skill for babies.

Sharing books is different from teaching a baby to read. By playing together with books, your baby will begin to feel comfortable with them and you will be giving your baby a great start.

Babies learn to explore by looking. Your baby can look at a book long before she can hold one. Babies love looking at faces and respond to simple pictures.

Talking to your baby about a book will encourage him to speak. Babies enjoy the sing-song voice that adults use with them. They love rhythm and repetition - one reason why they enjoy nursery rhymes.

Do not worry if your child wants to look at the same book over and over again. Repeating helps babies to develop their memory.

When babies can hold things, they will enjoy learning to turn the pages of a book. Doing so will help their co-ordination.


Tips on introducing books to babies

Reading aloud to babies
Click on "Watch Flash" for a video clip about reading aloud to a baby.

Bonding with books
See how reading with babies helps develop the bond between parents and babies. Click on "Birth to Age 2" for more information and an interactive timeline.
Why reading with babies is important
Click on "Reading with the under-fives", or on "Bookstart" to find out about the Bookstart organisation (see "Useful organisations" below).
Choosing books for babies
Baby's first books
Click on "Baby's first books".
Reading milestones
More on choosing books suitable for babies at different developmental stages.
Interactive guide to developmental stages
Click on "Age and Stage Milestones" for a guide to how babies grow and learn.

TOO MANY BOOKS in your home???

Here's the actual letter to "Ask Marilyn"

By Marilyn Vos Savant

Here's question:
My husband and I buy hundreds of books--we love to read--but if we stopped buying them right now, we would never be able to read all of them.  Why do we continue to buy books?
--Dolores Wenger, Torrance, CA

For the same reason that you buy a dictionary, an atlas and an
because you want the information at hand, even though you never intend to read them from cover to cover.  
And because you're curious, 
because you love learning, and 
because you're intelligent. 
And because books are inexpensive, 
because they're an essential component for a thoughtful life and
 because they're a link to the greatest minds of all times.  And
 because filled bookcases look far better than
wallpaper than just about anywhere!

Imagine how much more important it is for CHILDREN to have entertaining and educational books in the home!  

How wonderful to be able to provide resources when their interest is sparked - or maybe even provide resources which spark their interest!

Show them you value education and books and that you care about their interests in learning.

No, I don't believe you can have too many good books in your home.

Here is a fantastic Reference Set of Internet Linked Encyclopedias at a good discount:
IL Reference Set

This set includes the Science Encyclopedia, World History Encyclopedia, and Encyclopedia of World Geography, each 400+ pages filled with great pictures, illustrations, information, together with recommended websites for more research.
These are superb coffee table books, too!


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