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Usborne Books and More
Booking and Recruiting at a Booth
and More Booking Tips

Here are some ideas of things that will help getting bookings & recruits at a bookfair or booth.
Have SIGNS (&/or the company BANNER) saying something like:
- Want $100 in free books?  Ask me how!
_ Ask me about the great HOSTESS SPECIAL!
Home Base Business Opportunity
Award winning Product Line
Lifetime Discount
Unlimited Income
Flexible Schedule
Ongoing Support
Fun, Rewarding & Profitable
Ask me about the KIT SPECIAL!
When you see them looking at the books &/or the signs, ask if they'd like to see what they can get as a hostess, or if they'd like to see what comes in the Kit Special.
Have your CALENDAR OUT & READY TO BOOK SHOWS.  You could say something like:
"Are you familiar with Usborne Books?  Ohhh, they're wonderful for kids of all ages.  We're here booking home shows (reading workshops, education sessions, booklooks, book-store-to-your-door, Usborne parties or whatever you want to call it) for next month.  If you know any people that have children, work with or buy for children, you can get free books for hosting a show!  I'll bring some of my favorites and our best sellers, and you get free books of your choice as your guests get access to these awesome books.  I'll have some great Specials for them, too.  Does that sound like something you might like to do?"
If maybe or yes, say "Great!  Would you prefer a weekend or weeknight?"  Holding your calendar, continue to select the date.
"We're looking for people who like books and would like to earn extra income with this great book company.  Does that sound like something you might be interested in?" 
If no, offer them the Hostess Special to get free books.  That way they can see what it is like, too.
If maybe or yes, show the kits available & ask if they would want the Base Kit or the current Kit Special.  (This makes the question WHICH, not IF)  Have the Consultant Agreement/Kit Order Form in your hand with your parts already filled out.  Help them fill out their parts & give them a copy of the form.  You can enter it online or fax/mail the form to the home office yourself.
EXPECT incredible success!  And don't ever be disappointed if the immediate results aren't what you'd hoped for.  You never know what the results are.  This business BUILDS.  Each event done well leads to more business.
Remember to focus on the successes!  Every book can make a difference to a child, every show can lead to a profitable string of shows & recruits, every recruit could be your next promoted Supervisor & book buddy.

Have Fun!


Want MORE suggestions & tips???

Bookfairs and Booths can have great sales, but I often think of them as advertising & focus on Booking & Recruiting. These are SUPER places to get leads outside your current circle of family & friends. You're meeting families that may not have seen what you have to offer otherwise.  Here are some ideas to help make the most of these events.

~ Stand up, smiling and sharing the special features of your favorite books as people show interest. Talk with people as they fill out the drawing slip, saying something like - "You know, we also do home shows where you can get lots of free books for hosting the show. Do you know people that might like to see these books?"  Be confident in our hostess program and expect them to book a show. Have your calendar & pen in hand to let them choose their date. 

~ Smile warmly & ask about their family.  Listen & refer back to their names & what you learn.  (It builds your memory skills & they appreciate your attention.)

~ Make notes (like - checking w/ sister about co-hosting, or got Ballet Kid Kit for 8 yr. old daughter, Alice, or homeschooling 3 kids, or whatever) on the back of drawing slips to help you remember them. It makes follow up calls easier.

~ Make copies of the monthly Hostess Specials flyers & have them out for people to take. As they looked interested in them, tell them it is a great hostess plan where they can gets lots of books free & help them book the show so they can take advantage of the Special. 

~ You could have a sign (or 2 or 3!) that says something like - "$25 MORE FREE BOOKS for shows booked TODAY! $250 min. sales". They can pick $25 more free books, in addition to their merchandise allowance order, when you close their show. (That is a good use for the $25 Hostess Books that we can get for 35% of the cost with each home show order, if you're not going to use it for something else.) Don't you love it when they'll schedule their show right then rather than my having to call them from the drawing slips? Give them an incentive to do it NOW.

~ The company also gives us a $5 Special Date Credit to help get shows booked. Use this. "AND, I can give you $5 MORE in Free Books when we have your show within the next 3 weeks!  Think that might work for you?" 

~ Have your calendar & pen IN YOUR HAND with dates in mind that you would like to have shows.  (I know I said that before, but it really makes a big difference.)  Help them learn about how they can get these wonderful books for their families. It is like “sharing your cookies”, as Ilene Meckley would say. They may also be interested in being consultants. Have the Kit info and Consultant Agreements handy! Consultant Agreements are free on the supplies order form.

~ Provide CUSTOMER SERVICE. You're not "bothering" them; they came into your booth because they are interested.  Help them find more books their families will love, help them get free books by hosting a show, and help them get started with a fun & rewarding time as an Usborne Consultant.



Let people know about it! 
Here are some ideas: 
1) Have your own show & invite EVERYONE you can think of so they can see what you have to offer.  Do this even if you've already had a show, since some of the people probably couldn't come to that show & you've probably thought of more people that might be interested.  They can book off your show and you'll get the Previous Hostess Booking Credit to keep or give away. 
If you or another hostess have had a show recently, this one could be a theme show - "New Title Extravaganza", or "Fairies & Princesses" or "Knights & Castles" or "Winter Reading & Activities", etc.

2) Mark the days you'd like to book in your calendar with a green dot & tell people if they pick a green dot day, they'll get an extra $10 in free books with their show ~ using part of the extra $25 Hostess Books from their show.  (Make a note of what you've offered the hostess in your show's folder so you don't forget.)

3) Try putting hostess packets in a gift bag to make it look more fun.  You could even include a chocolate bar for them, or even brownie & coffee for their show ("Party in a Bag"!).  They get to pick a bag when they date a show.

3) See if there are booth events (Winter fairs, spaghetti suppers, Rotary club meetings, church events, support groups, etc.) around your town & nearby towns that you could set up so more people can see what you have to offer.

4) Call the director of Preschools & Church Daycares & Mother's Day Out programs, YMCAs in driving distance of you & ask for an appointment to come show them what you have to offer.  You can sell directly to them or set up Book Fairs for them.  (You need to be an Educational Consultant to work with K-12 schools.)
5) Benefits - find charities in your area that you'd like to help & call them offering to donate the free books from sales you do in their name.  Then find places to set up to do the benefits.  Often businesses, shops, banks, exercise centers, etc., will let you set up for benefits & sometimes even match the free book amounts given to the charities.

NOTE: You are offering them something wonderful!
~ Schedule events as close to now as possible so the ones booked off them can still get the DOUBLE FREE merchandise allowance special!  Who wouldn't like double free books?!
~ They can help get these fantastic entertaining & educational books in the homes of the families in their center.
~ Let them know that these books are perfect for the ages of the children in their center and they reinforce the things they are learning in their center.
~ You will be glad to handle the event for them, so it won't take any of their staff away from their responsibilities.  You make it easy for them.
~ They get their choice of paperback or librarybound books from the entire catalog for their very generous amount of free books for their center based on the sales.
~ You accept cash, checks, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and debit cards.

This will introduce you to lots of people and help you get outside your circle of family & friends quickly.  Bet some of them would like to have shows!

Here is a list of ideas for LEADS of places to offer your services:

The more you do, the luckier you get.
Here are some more great ideas for you.  Check out these great links!
Here's what I might say at a booth -
"One thing we're doing today is booking home shows for February.  If you like books & know others with children in their lives, you might want to host a show.  I'd bring best sellers & specials for them to see.  If this sounds like something you might be interested in, would you like to see the February hosting special?"
"You also get a bonus $10 in additional free books if you pick a green date on my calendar."
Then you either give them the hostess packet then or schedule a time to take her hostess packet to her. 
Okay, I'm really done now. 

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